Thoughts and questions for the stray American reader considering to vote for Donald Trump

Seagull swimming before Liberty Island, NYC. (I thought an image of the statue would be to cliché to include here.)

Let me start off by saying this: I would not normally write a blog post like the following. I am, after all, a German who does not live in the US, nor have I been to very many places there, nor am I the greatest expert on American policy. It can be incredibly patronizing for a person like me to lecture people in another country on how they should vote, and I am afraid that no matter how many disclaimers I put here, this might be exactly how I come across to some. Moreover, I have never put in the effort to build much of a readership for this (to me, so far largely recreational) blog, and so it is even unclear if any of the titular “Americans considering to vote for Donald Trump” will ever read this post.

Nevertheless, I am among those who, after observing Trump closely, have come to very negative conclusions about his personal ethics and general sense of responsibility. (For starters, he has proposed war crimes as the way to fight international terrorism, and then there are the reports of how he repeatedly tried to push people out of their homes.) This is why I find the possibility of him leading the most important economic and nuclear power of the Western world to be worrying. And therefore, if there is even a small chance that a single Trump voter might find his or her way to this blog and rethink his or her choice, I want to take it.

Of course, this is not going to be easy – I am a random person on the internet, and I am up against one of the shrewdest salespeople in the world, an expert at deceiving not only his followers, but also his opponents into thinking he is something that he is not.

For example, not only “The Donald”‘s supporters, but even some rather smart detractors (like this guy) see him as some sort of champion against the excesses of “political correctness” in modern Western societies and their threat to the free expression of ideas. This is why when you listen to a certain kind of internet “free speech advocate”, the US election seems less about either the candidates’ fitness for office or their policies, and more about winning a cultural war. But I believe there is an incident which shows that these people are very, very wrong about their preferred candidate and his true convictions:

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